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A tailored document management system deployed on Azure App Service.

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ContractLync Application Features

Optimize contract lifecycle management with CloudMoyo ContractLync.

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ContractLync is the business management software to streamline contracts and legal requests. Learn how to use CloudMoyo ContractLync in this easy-to-follow demo video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is ContractLync configurable to any contract management software or platform?

Yes, our expert teams can configure ContractLync to your company’s existing contract and document management system.

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Which departments can utilize and/or send requests through CloudMoyo ContractLync?

CloudMoyo ContractLync can be customized to support various departments and roles like the RFP process, streamlining the creation of contracts and submission of legal requests.

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Can ContractLync be customized to my organization’s requirements?

Yes, we can tailor CloudMoyo ContractLync to your organization’s needs. Our engineers are skilled in customizing the user interface to enhance usability, as well as adapting core features such as configuring templates that align with your contract management software setup. Our aim is to optimize contract and matter management to better serve your business objectives.

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