Why Enterprises Should Use Snowflake on Azure

Data is the fuel of the digital era and harnessing its power can ensure productivity and organizational success. Businesses have long struggled with inflexible storage capacities, high operational overhead, and other technical difficulties due to their legacy data stores. As a result, investing in a modern-day data warehouse offers multiple prospects of development to your enterprise.

Snowflake data warehouse is one of these solutions and is built for the cloud. You can leverage an end-to-end analytics technology stack, on-demand computing, and cost-effective Snowflake implementation. Snowflake data warehouse also gives you the freedom to execute an optimal cloud environment that yields advanced analytical data reports for higher visibility into your organizational data.

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Role of a Cloud Data Warehouse

More and more organizations are realizing it’s time to move to the cloud. When you shift your on-premises data warehouse to the cloud, your business processes become quicker, you lower administration and infrastructure costs, and you support diverse business use cases.

And one of the largest benefits of the cloud data warehouse is the elasticity to scale up or down, depending on your enterprise’s requirements. This offers you virtually unlimited storage to incorporate workloads and users.

A modern cloud data warehouse can help your enterprise propel insights from both structured and semi-structured data at new speeds while ensuring integrity and consistency. This offers you a competitive advantage over your industry rivals. You can boast improved performance metrics, a shorter time to roll out new business products, better security, and achieve uniformity and coherence across the entire organization with a cloud data warehouse.

In short, a cloud data warehouse streamlines business processes and boosts business values for enterprises.

What are the Key Differentiators of Snowflake Data Warehouse?

The Snowflake Data Warehouse solution integrates big data from diverse sources, processes it, and derives actionable advanced analytics and reports on demand.

Legacy data stores are developed in-house with the help of data engineering professionals who work with open-source software. An entire team of data engineers is required to build and maintain this type of data store. However, Snowflake on Azure stands out with its ready-to-use cloud-powered data warehouse. In 2020, Snowflake customers gained benefits worth $21 million over 3 years with the implementation of the Snowflake cloud platform.

Let’s look at what makes the Snowflake data warehouse a better option than your traditional data warehouse:

  • 75% reduction in IT support and zero maintenance + administration trouble
  • Leverage a unified native platform and establish a single source of truth for the entire organization
  • Supports many data formats, such as XML, CSV, JSON, ORC, Avro, and Parquet.
  • Snowflake Azure architecture is built over an SQL database engine + is designed for cloud
  • Snowflake Virtual Database gives data access to external parties with flexibility to perform ad hoc queries without impacting companies’ production usages
  • 50% escalated time-to-market, faster analytics, and business intelligence (BI) with the intuitive Power BI tools, Azure Analysis Services, and full ANSI-SQL language
  • High concurrency support and near to unlimited scalability of data and business operations
  • Tighter and more sustainable integrations with data protection via data encryption and dynamic data masking
  • Realize performance at scale with auto-tuning and automatic parsing, query caching, and seamless cross-cloud replication of data
  • Democratize access to data, reporting, and analytics with Snowflake business intelligence

CloudMoyo Expertise: Snowflake Data Warehouse on Azure

With deep domain expertise in cloud and analytics, CloudMoyo has delivered a robust modern data architecture solution with Snowflake data warehouse on Azure that houses a central data repository for deeper integrations, high-end analytics, and secure processes.

In one case, our customer, a major consulting engineering company, was struggling with data silos from an outdated technology infrastructure. The challenge was to align their data strategy with business goals and implement a data-driven culture.

The traditional data storage solution the customer had was an on-premises Oracle data warehouse. This data warehouse was inefficient in handling the unstructured or semi-structured data pouring in from various data sources. It didn’t allow the enterprise to gain insights into the data and thus, made the report-generating process challenging. The major problems the customer was experiencing were:

  • Lack of valuable insights owing to traditional reporting and analytics tools
  • No central repository for the entire organization
  • Missing flexibility and scalability of the legacy data storage solution
  • Lack of a unified view of data or a trusted source of data for the organization

Our experts migrated the company’s data from their older, on-premises Oracle data warehouse to Snowflake Data Warehouse on Azure. We employed a variety of tech and tools to curate the entire solution:

  • Azure Data Factory V2 to extract data from core divisions
  • Azure Analysis Services to mashup the client data into tabular, semantic data
  • Azure Blob Storage to stage the unstructured and structured data
  • Integrated the data between Azure Blob Storage and the Snowflake Data Warehouse on Azure with custom-built connectors
  • Integrated Power BI for a seamless working experience

Our goal was to offer visibility into the customer’s data using the Snowflake Data Warehouse. The now-installed Snowflake on Azure cloud data warehouse boasts sophisticated BI and data visualization tools that provide actionable and dynamic analytics to the client’s workforce. The company now leverages an agile and scalable Snowflake Data Warehouse on the Azure solution that offers a single unified platform to view business performance.

You can read the full customer success story here >>

Building Modern Data Architecture with CloudMoyo Intelligent Data Services (IDS)

The digital era, characterized by growing requirements to manage large data volumes efficiently, calls for modern data architecture solutions that eliminate siloed data approaches, limited visibility into data, redundant data, and manual processes. CloudMoyo can empower your organization with cutting-edge, cloud-enabled Intelligent Data Services (IDS) to foster enhanced business values and growth.

Cloudmoyo utilizes a phased approach to employ data, cloud, and AI for deriving optimum business outcomes from automated business operations. Our technology experts help you enjoy a FastTrackToValue™ with AI, big data analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning (ML). And using enablers like the Snowflake Azure architecture, we deliver a 360° enterprise-wide digital transformation.

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Originally published Dec. 2, 2020; updated April 12, 2023

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