Discover the Secrets of Low Code/No Code Solutions in Marketing

It’s undeniable that the main benefits of low-code and no-code for businesses are improved efficiency, streamlined workflow and operations, and faster development and time to market. While the immediate impact of low code no code technologies can be realized for developers and the IT sector, as it will reduce the burden for app development which is time consuming, there are also further benefits for other business functions such as marketing teams to deliver a smoother customer experience and to increase profitability.

In this blog post, we’re sharing some insights on how low code no code benefits marketing in their operations and processes.

Low-Code helps marketers focus on the goal and strategic positioning of projects

Oftentimes, marketers are focused on the goal of a project, and the improvements that can be made, and not necessarily the coding side of an app. A lower dependance on IT teams means that marketing teams don’t have to wait long for a visual mockup of applications to be developed before moving prospects along the customer funnel. They can focus on the solutions and not worry about executing highly technical operations like building API integrations or automated processes across the tech stack. This is how low code can democratize technicalities and enable marketing teams to focus on a solution to get more data to make decisions quicker.

Low-Code can help streamline workflows, and drive innovation and growth

With increasing workloads and the rising pressure to meet consumer demands and targets, marketing teams are seeing the need for digital platforms to help streamline their workflows and rapidly test and optimize their processes. That is why teams are looking for more specialized and advanced technology that will enable marketers to carry out strategic initiatives better. Moreover, with a smoother workflow platform, it can enable collaboration — both within the marketing department and cross functionally— which are crucial in maintaining agility and alignment.

Low-Code helps marketers create powerful customer experiences.

The rapid speed at which low-code apps can be built means that users can have more freedom adapt the product to accommodate changing business needs. Because of this shorter time to market, marketers can immediately understand the impact of what they’re developing to customers and adjust if needed. Citizen developers, which are generally non-IT professionals, are typically more directly involved with customer engagement than an IT specialist and therefore have a clearer understanding of what customer pain points are and the solutions they’re searching for.

These benefits that low code bring to marketing are not at all exhaustive. Overall, we can see that low code is unlocking powerful capabilities that businesses can leverage. And for marketers, low code no code solutions can drive more efficiency and agility as they it gives them the flexibility to create, test, and deliver digital experiences. Low code and no code can not only work around budget constraints but is really the essential fuel that can propel marketing teams forward and maintain long term sustainability in an ever-changing environment.

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