AI in Power BI: New artificial intelligence-enabled Power BI features

Organizations everywhere are experiencing an explosion of data. It is increasingly important to have a fast, secure, and easy-to-use analytics solution. Thanks to advances in cognitive computing and AI, companies can now use sophisticated algorithms to gain insights into consumer behavior, use the real-time insights to identify trends and make informed decisions that give them an edge over their competitors. Therefore, the collaboration of Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining ground.

Power BI and AI

Power BI, Microsoft’s BI tool, helps business users to make better decisions on the grounds of intuitive dashboards & reports. AI, on the other hand, can help the users in exploring data, identifying data patterns by scanning through the data, finding the true meaning of a data and finally predicting the outcome of the business.

AI gives huge opportunities to users across every department of an organization. A business can leverage AI to enhance its future outcome. Power BI can provide the opportunity of leveraging AI with its features such as Quick Insights that helps in finding data patterns, or natural language which helps in finding answers by asking questions in simple English.

Microsoft has introduced new AI capabilities in Power BI. Now, users can leverage AI in business intelligence and can explore data, find answers, and identify pattern more easily. Here are what users can get with the new AI features in Power BI which requires no code:

  1. Image recognition and text analytics directly in Power BI
  2. Key Driver Analysis can provide insights on what drives key business metrics
  3. Seamless integration of Azure Machine Learning within Power BI
  4. Automated machine learning feature can help users create machine learning models directly in Power BI

This makes the user capable of unlocking hidden and breakthrough insights in their data and easy-to-use AI can help drive better business results.

Let’s explore the 4 new AI capabilities in Power BI:

  1. Azure Cognitive Services: The cognitive services help to extract insights from business data and are high-level pre-trained machine learning models. Microsoft pioneered Azure Cognitive Services competences in Power BI with an envision to provide strong techniques to extract data from a variety of sources like images and documents. The algorithms of Azure Cognitive Services have the power to detect languages, identity keywords, identify data with named entities such as organization, business users and locations.
  2. Key Driver Analysis: This new feature in Power BI helps find key performance indicators (KPI), it helps business determine what impact those KPIs, ultimately, it helps businesses understand what drives better results. What drives business is easy to spot yet complex to get through. It is the combination of two or several circumstances that bring better business results. Key Driver Analysis reasons over your data, help users rank strong data and top those key drivers and metrics before it gets complex.
  3. Build your own machine learning models: Without writing a single line of code, business analysts and data scientists can now build their own machine learning models in Power BI. Microsoft have pioneered sophisticated and automated machine learning features in Power BI. This means that now a business user (like a business analyst or a data scientist) can develop a machine learning model using Power BI with just a few clicks, and by selecting built-in best algorithms and features.
  4. Integrate your Azure Machine Learning Models with Power BI: Azure Machine Learning is a platform where data scientists build machine learning models to deal with complex business challenges. It requires specialized data science tools to develop a sophisticated machine learning model. Power BI new AI capabilities ensure less intricacy in letting the data scientist to share their models with business analysts. Power BI discovers modes in which each user has the access and automatically creates a point and click UI to raise them. This feature of Power BI tailors easier and faster mode of connection among data scientists and business analysts.

Power BI is bringing these AI capabilities to any business user, where they can have access to any of these features without having to possess coding skills. Complicated jobs that typically require technical know-how will now be possible with just a few clicks and with no code. This empowers everyone in an organization to harness the power of AI to make better decisions.

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