15 reasons why you should opt for a cloud data warehouse

Data holds the power to transform the business landscape, helping you to discover business insights and aids in decision-making. Yet, enterprise systems today generate large amounts of data, which is certainly not a piece of cake to manage. This new type of data comes with high volume, variety, and velocity, and is popularly known as big data. As a result, the technology of the modern or cloud data warehouse has the ability to transform businesses with its analytical approach and help them manage their big data more effectively.

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Best reasons to choose a cloud data warehousing system over traditional
data warehouse technology

  1. A cloud-based data warehousing system helps in incorporating data sources in data analysis by launching the project with a faster approach.
  2. A cloud data warehouse places a high tag on the security of the business data
  3. It is highly economical. With a cloud data warehouse, you get to pay for what you use and can vary the desired configuration and performance levels.
  4. The procurement and deployment cycles are relatively quicker than those of the on-premise data warehousing system.
  5. The cloud data warehouse makes data available at every step of modification-supporting data exploration, business intelligence, and reporting.
  6. It allows enterprises to shift their focus from systems management to actual analysis of data.
  7. Operates painlessly at any scale and makes it possible to combine diverse data, both structured and semi-structured.
  8. Data insights can be always up to date and directly accessible to everyone who needs them.
  9. There is no limitation on the number of users. A cloud data warehouse allows users of any number to use the same amount of data with query performance degradation.
  10. It removes the dependency on IT and democratizes access to enterprise data.
  11. It can be used by individual departments like marketing, finance, development, and sales at organizations of all types and sizes.
  12. It serves next-generation requisites for an ideal data warehouse by centralizing different types of data sources into single point storage in real-time.
  13. Almost negligible time is spent tuning and re-architecting queries to address performance deficiencies.
  14. A cloud data warehouse offers ultimate features like indexing and cataloging. It is designed in a way that data can be indexed, cataloged and tagged with metadata in real-time
  15. A cloud data warehouse can also track who has used particular data, in which format it was extracted, and how has the user used it.
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