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Building and protecting trusted relationships with customers is what matters the most at CloudMoyo. Our team will help you enter a new market securely while evaluating business risks. We help businesses harness the power of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), streaming data, and normative and predictive analytics to make intelligent business decisions and drive profitable business outcomes.

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Bot Framework

Azure ML Studio

Azure Cognitive Services

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CloudMoyo helps customers optimize their businesses, boost their productivity, and deliver breakthrough innovations to deliver competitive advantages using our machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise.


Leverage Azure Stream Analytics for processing real-time data streams

Opinion mining

Identify and catalog a piece of text according to the tone conveyed by it

Internet of Things (IoT)

Identify patterns and anomalies in sensor data to avoid accidents and eliminate or reduce equipment downtime


Suggest products or services based on items such as past purchases, demographics, or search history

Prediction and prescription

Use AI and ML to make predictions about future trends and prescribe actions

Fraud and compliance management

Predict and mitigate the risk of forgery, and redue credit risks through screenings

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Mimic and integrate human actions within digital systems to optimize business processes

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Parse existing text data to identify patterns, risks, and new business opportunities

Data RIVET (Rapid Ingestion, Validation, Exploration, and Transformation)

Real-life data is messy and noisy. Data scientists spend significant time in cleaning and transforming data to make it ready for further analysis or modeling. Data RIVET (Rapid Ingestion, Validation, Exploration, and Transformation) is CloudMoyo’s homegrown framework built to expedite the standard iterative data-science workflow and get your data in great shape for further analytics or machine learning processing.


Can read data from a variety of data sources


Cleanses, sanitizes data, and handles missing values and outliers


Offers plenty of visualization options to understand distributions, correlations, and other critical stats for mitigating the noise and isolating the subset of significant variables


Drop columns, create and scale derived variables, and, finally, encode categorical labels

Data RAMP (Reconfigurable Automated ML Pipeline)

CloudMoyo helps progressive enterprises to implement a modern data architecture solution that can digest high-speed data in real-time, giving predictive correlations and patterns. Our expertise includes enterprise data management, modern cloud data warehousing, data lake solutions, big data solutions, and data bricks.


Automate iterative training for several machine learning algorithms


Iteratively reconfigure for multiple algorithms at once


Identify the most applicable machine learning algorithm


Quickly iterate to reach maximum predictive performance


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of workshops that includes:

"CloudMoyo helped design and deploy the next generation analytics solution which has empowered our teams to respond faster to market opportunities, helping us improve our overall performance"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company

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