CloudMoyo Crew Management

Elevate Compliance, Empower Efficiency

CloudMoyo Crew Management is a customizable and tailored application that brings agility and scalability to your rail crew management.

Benefits of CloudMoyo Crew Management

Improved utilization ratios, reduced deadheads, & dwell times

Accurate crew rostering & scheduling, and claims processes with HoS tracking, COLA adjustments, etc.

Transparency & consistency in crew operations with integrations for enterprise-wide visibility

Documented evidence of decisions made for crew management processes

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What is the CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) System?

The CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) System is a next-generation, cloud-native SaaS product that enables automated, flexible, and optimized crew management and scheduling processes for freight railroads. CCM seamlessly manages crew scheduling and assignment workflows, considering multiple factors including Hours of Service (HoS) rules, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations, and last-minute train schedule changes.

CCM comes with powerful features:

  • Crew Boards
  • Crew Assignments & Reporting
  • Yard Jobs
  • Taxi & Hotel Booking
  • Payroll Assistance
  • Claims Management
  • Labor Relations
  • Crew Analytics

Take advantage of the latest rail technology to stay compliant and agile as rules and regulations change. CCM allows companies to manage their rail crews with ease through automation. And our solution can be tailored to your needs!

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