Workforce Safety and Compliance solution for trucking

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Governed by regulators such as the FMSCA and the DOT, trucking companies place great emphasis on the safety and security of their fleets and assets. To manage compliance and mitigate safety risks, trucking companies are looking at ways to improve their organizational safety culture. This includes efficient driver onboarding, improving training programs, optimized driver schedules, and maintaining the safety standards of their assets.

Modern solutions built on the latest technologies such as cloud, mobile, and analytics, are critical enablers of developing a safety culture in trucking. Innovative testing and training processes for drivers and effective rule enforcement strategies empower trucking companies to meet their workforce-related safety and compliance objectives.

The CloudMoyo Workforce Safety and Compliance solution support the end-to-end management of the following processes:

Driver onboarding and training

Safety testing and inspections

Duty assignments and HOS

Compliance audits and reporting


The CloudMoyo Workforce Safety and Compliance solution empowers trucking companies to comply with FMSCA regulations related to the safety of your drivers and fleet.  Our modern, data-driven platform enables fleet owners to manage driver documentation, training calendars, and duty assignments and ultimately keep a track of compliance violations to ensure compliance with FMSCA ELD, CSA, HOS, and other compliances.

Optimize driver duty assignments to adhere with HOS regulations

Standardize vehicle inspections and audits to ensure compliance with the FMSCA, DoT, CSA and other regulations

Systematically manage documents and workflows for driver onboarding, training and certifications

End-to-end management of fully randomized drug and alcohol tests programs

Mobile app for accurate timekeeping and ELD compliance

Easily monitor compliance enforcements and furnish documentary evidences for audits and reporting for the FMSCA

Looking to modernize your workforce safety and compliance processes?


  • Accelerated driver on-boarding and training
  • Streamlined driver certifications management
  • Enhanced compliance with the DoT, and FMSCA regulations including HOS, ELD, and 49 CFR Parts 300-399
  • Non-conformance management and tracking
  • Increase safety standards and reduce driver-related safety incidents
  • Accurate DVIR’s inspections which support timely maintenance activities
  • Improved fleet and driver performance
  • Improved compliance reporting

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“For leading companies to move towards a self-service BI and AI applications environment, it is key that the foundational data engineering and architecture is robust, reliable, and scalable and access to data is intuitively delivered with precision and a solid user experience. CloudMoyo has been a great partner in Terracon’s journey towards self-service BI and data science.”

- Jason Kephart, CIO, Terracon