Solution Brief

 Transforming Contracts into strategic assets with CloudMoyo Intelligent Data Services

Almost everything has changed about how modern organizations operate but managing contracts is one thing that remains the same – contracts are still the foundation of all commercial & transactional relationships. A Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system is practical, well-scoped and executable that helps the business to transform digitally and provide the capabilities to tackle all the challenges and issues a modern business face.

62% of respondents to the 2018 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey indicated that they have initiatives to digitalize their business. This momentum is impacting processes and workflows across industries and roles as companies look for ways to support smart business decision making through actionable insights.

How CloudMoyo can help businesses with Contract Lifecycle Management?

Using Icertis Contract management (ICM) platform, CloudMoyo enables organization to lead the digital transformation across procurement, lease management, real estate, legal and sales. CloudMoyo intelligent data services for ICM help businesses to transform their commercial foundation through its robust methodology of providing enterprise readiness, implementation & onboarding support, change management services and managed services. It is highly complimented by our smart analytics & AI prowess known as CloudMoyo Intelligence Platform™ which allows customers to search, sort, review, compare and integrate contract data with business systems, get deeper insights of contracts and create their own reports with ‘self-service’ BI.

CloudMoyo Intelligent data services for Icertis Contract Management (ICM)

CloudMoyo is a premier services partner for Icertis, the leading enterprise contract management platform in the cloud. CloudMoyo provides intelligent data services for Icertis Contact Management. These services range from data readiness services, pre-implementation mapping of CLM processes, low time-to-value ICM implementation, project management & governance support, managed services, user adoption, change management services and finally CloudMoyo Intelligence Platform™ integrated with advanced analytics, AI and machine learning capabilities.

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