Contract Support Desk

Contract Support Desk

Contract Support Desk

We provide our customers with a collection of support and maintenance offerings geared to ensure our customers to take full advantage of our Contract Management Software. Our support offerings are staffed by highly trained professionals who are always available to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved. In addition, our support staff is trained to help you and your organization adapt and respond efficiently to the changes in how you conduct your business.

Here is an overview of CloudMoyo’s support options: 

Template Management

  • Create contracts quickly and easily using Microsoft Word and pre-approved templates and legal clauses
  • Faster turnaround times with efficient handoffs
  • Flex capacity to meet immediate needs rapidly, if needed
  • Higher ROI on ICM Implementation
  • Lower cost of ownership and gain operational efficiencies

Clause Analysis and Updates

  • Ensure fingertip access to all expert negotiators. One can always find preferred and fallback clauses during negotiations, and simplify maintenance of terms clauses used across multiple contract templates, by using our powerful clause library
  • CloudMoyo's negotiation and document comparison tools provide visibility into changes made during negotiations and support reuse of negotiated clauses within the document generation assembly wizard
  • Compare the content (clauses) of new templates with the clauses that are there in Clause Library of the system and identify common clauses and unique clauses in each template and provide a Clause – Template Mapping Excel to the ICM Implementation Team

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