Consulting / Assessment

Consulting / Assessment

Consulting / Assessment

Nowadays, corporations are dynamically adding several cloud based applications to their IT landscape. The on-premise applications landscape is also becoming expensive and bulky to manage. CIOs are under immense pressure to hold a grip over the cloud and deliver digital capabilities for organizations that will help them cut down costs and improve the overall service levels.   CloudMoyo offers end-to-end cloud strategy services which will help your organization to take full advantage of cloud computing while minimizing costs and reducing risk.   Cloud Assessment is the preliminary phase, where we distinguish our client’s business and conclude which cloud strategy is suitable for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective migration. This process also suggests an optimal cloud strategy and roadmap based on an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), and cost benefit analysis.   CloudMoyo’s Cloud Assessment Service: Our team of Cloud Experts will assess your current landscape and provide insights to maximize investments, improve the operational efficiency of your cloud landscape, alleviate risk & ensure data compliance with regulations such as PCI, ITAR, SOX, GLBA, PHI, HIPAA, and HITECH.
Cloud assessment approach

Cloud Assessment Approach

Here are the five areas of assessment that will guide you in your cloud approach

Cloud Strategy Development and Risk Assessment 

It is used for reviewing the proposed business plan, determine the known threat vectors and provide best practice advice. By analyzing the Current and Target vision, we can find out the business functions/applications that are more suitable for transitioning to cloud.

Policy Review 

It is used to evaluate the foundation of all business processes. This is the one of the most important living documents on which you can build any new cloud service. If required, CloudMoyo can create a set of custom policies and procedures for your organization.

Third-Party Due Diligence 

It provides you with guidance on selection and sorting through variations between providers, service types and regulatory requirements.

Technical Testing 

It includes Network Penetration Testing and Application Penetration Testing.

Pilot Phase

We implement the Pilot on a Cloud Platform which is suitable for the customer scenario and also determines the roadmap of production implementation for the selected business functions/apps.

Cloud assessment deliverables

Cloud Assessment Deliverables

CloudMoyo Cloud Assessment services entrust the client with powerful deliverables in 6-8 weeks.

End State Architecture 

It includes application providence and a set of initiatives to improve the technical and functional quality, reduce support costs, eliminate redundancies and mitigate potential risks.

Business Case 

It demonstrates business and financial value of portfolio transformation. It condones the value of rationalization design motivating stakeholders for progressing.

Deployment Roadmap 

It charts the journey from the ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’ state. It embeds design results, schedules and execution priority details.

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