Why railroads crew management solution is important?

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Railroads typically have to answer numerous questions around on how to use their capacity most effectively, how to move trains optimally how to operate their yards, how to maximize their throughput and how to keep their locomotives busy. Using their assets most effectively is the key to their profitability. Apart from this, there is one more major issue and that is railroads crew management system.

It has become a cliché to say that a company’s biggest asset is its workforce. Yet time and time again, it’s proven that a well-managed talent pool achieves the kind of breakthroughs in efficiency and productivity that all top-level managers is looking for.

Why is railroads crew management system too complex?

For railroad industry, crews are at the heart of its workforce. The logistics of managing a large, decentralized crew are extremely challenging. What’s required is a solution that can address the challenges of operating a multifaceted railroads crew management operation. A well-managed and empowered workforce makes all the difference to a company’s bottom line and to the culture of the organization. Focus needs to be placed on workflow management, mobility, modernization and continuous improvements around customer service.

Technology for modern Crew Management

CloudMoyo’s Rail Crew Management assists in managing a crew effectively on the basis of availability, allocation order as well as train schedule compliance. In so doing, Crew Call is able to minimize costs around crew pay, benefits and travel expenditure and keep the focus of employees on customer service and efficiency.

Being able to apply a Big Data lens to a company and using the insights generated to manage a large, complex workforce is the hallmark of good railroad management in the 21st century. Across the continental U.S, there are  140 000 miles of tracks, being used by approximately 1.5 million freight carts every single day. To keep this system running requires an army of dispersed employees who are spread out over vast distances, yet must work together as part of an interconnected system.

These are the kind of issues that cloud computing is built for. CloudMoyo Crew Management delivers a system with a flexible crew profile and skill profile management, configurable work hour and service cancellation rules, as well as a performance assessment engine and availability tracking for crew members. Biometric devices record the attendance data of crew members, while an interactive voice response system is used to notify crew of upcoming duties. What’s more is that it integrates various crew accommodation service providers so that lodging providers know who’s coming and staff accordingly. It lets railroads control stays, eliminate wait times and manage costs better.

Applying data analytics to railroads crew management

Of course, many companies are aware of the usefulness of workforce data. But they are frequently unable to process that data successfully and turn it into actionable insights to drive decision-making, particularly when it comes to workforce management. Poor decision-making in this arena leads to wasted man hours, unwieldy and complicated logistics, missed targets, a steadily lowering morale that affects the whole organization and ultimately, a weak bottom line.

But on the flipside, when big data is being continually processed, analyzed and acted upon, it enables a company to ‘get ahead of the curve’ to analyze its future workforce needs, identify potential shortfalls and develop strategies that will bridge gaps. “Good analytics help firms to stop wasting money on programs that don’t help them achieve their business goals, and focuses them on those that do,” notes Laurie Bassi of McBassi & Co, a consulting firm that specializes in workforce analytics.

Read how an Effective Crew Management Solution can Modernize Railroads

Integrating new tools into a crew management system is a time-consuming process. For that reason alone, many companies find it more rewarding to outsource their data analytics and work with specialist providers who employ a suite of tools that are designed to work in harmony with each other. CloudMoyo prides itself on delivering a solution built on the robust Microsoft Azure Data Platform that incorporates an enhanced user experience via an intuitive mobile app, easy integration with systems like SAP, IBM-MQ, Payroll, IVR etc, round the clock technical support and a flexible payment solution.

While a productive and happy crew is the central driver of the Crew Management system, there are other spin offs that make it even more valuable. Valuable data insights are gathered and presented with a smart analytics engine that integrates easily with Power BI and is presented in easy-to-understand graphics and dashboards. With such advanced reporting, companies are able to continually monitor such metrics as inventory, crew and locomotives, crew utilization ratios and much, much more.

Ultimately a cloud-based workforce management system that is integrated and well executed leads directly to increased job satisfaction and productivity throughout an organization, and fosters a culture of sustainable excellence.

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