Railroad Crew Management

Railroad Crew Management Software

CloudMoyo’s ‘Crew Management Solution’ is a next generation cloud-native system that addresses all the challenges of organizing multifaceted transit operations.

This solution comes with a ‘Crew Call System’, which assists in scheduling the crew effectively and efficiently on the basis of its availability, crew allocation order and train schedule compliance, and even assigning crew to the trains with the help of cloud-based notification and acceptance system. This solution is created by honoring a variety of crew union rules and Federal Railway Administration regulations related to work and rest rules. This system also embeds attendance records, automatic crew selection, crew pool order, availability of members and tracking. The entire crew operating costs are minimized which includes the crew pay, benefits and travel expenditure.

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Crew Management
What does CloudMoyo RailRoad Crew Management Offer

What does CloudMoyo RailRoad Crew Management Offer?

  • Flexible Crew Profile and Skill Profile Management
  • Configurable Work Hour and Service Cancellation Rules
  • Performance Assessment Engine
  • Automatic Availability Tracking for Crew Members
  • Record Attendance Data for Crew with Biometric Devices
  • Use of IVRs for Duty Notifications and Tie-ups
Thanks to CloudMoyo, we are now running trains in the cloud! It will help us standardize and automate our crew management, ensuring greater control, better agility and improved execution speed
Trains in the cloud


Modern Architecture


Highly Available SAAS Product solution




Multiple systems support such as SAP, IBM-MQ, IVR, Payroll etc

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Crew Management?


User Experience


Intuitive Interface with mobile app for crew and staff




Round the clock product & technical support

Get Data Insights with Smart Analytics Engine

Get Data Insights with Smart Analytics Engine

That’s not all about Rail Crew Management!
  • Easy integration with Power BI for visualizations
  • Predictive Analytics: Leverage real time insights for performance enhancement
  • Azure cloud-based data analytics system utilizing billions of rows of data & complimented by visually appealing dashboards
  • Forecasting crew availability using Machine Learning & Simulation analysis
  • State-of-the-art reporting & analytics platform enabling crew managers to track various metrics such as
    • Inventory
    • AAR Railroads Current Inventory
    • Crew and locomotives
    • Velocity
    • Crew Utilization ratios
    • Dwell
    • Crew Layoffs, Deadheads and Recrew reasons

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