Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

The right technology will help fleet operators to improve asset productivity and reduce costs, while improving safety and ensuring regulatory compliance.

CloudMoyo’s Fleet Management solution helps fleet managers to

  • Improve vehicle uptime while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Streamline the entire fleet lifecycle from introduction to disposal.
  • Manage lifecycle costs and ensure compliance throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • Improve maintenance quality and workshop operations.
  • Improve operational performance with real-time monitoring and tracking.
  • Easily track the part-life of vehicles.
  • Gain visibility into vehicle maintenance trends to make informed decision.
Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics

Fleet analytics is the real-time analysis of driver and vehicle data that’s collected by an onboard computer and fleet management software. In the past few years, access to this data has improved significantly.

Trucking management and maintenance systems produce a massive amount of trip data. Additional information on speed and engine performance is available with the use of GPS and on-board sensors such as cargo temperature monitors, tyre pressure monitors, and safety devices.

By integrating these data sources fleet managers have the ability to transform railroad operations with the power to analyze everything from accidents to wait times.

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