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CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management

CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CRTM) is a modern cloud-based solution that enables railroads to seamlessly manage complex transit operations & assets. CRTM blends deep rail industry functional know-how with disruptive cloud technology and analytics to create an efficient and reliable digital-rail ecosystem

CRTM is specifically developed for all types of Freight Railroad operators – whether they are Class 1, Regional or Short-line. CRTM streamlines & automates key railroad functions including rail operations, interline settlement, revenue management, rating and pricing management, waybills, equipment control and operational testing. 

The Railroad Challenges we love to solve

Technological disruptions, newer regulations (such as PTC, FRA etc.), labor unions and archaic systems have added to the complexity of the traditional challenges that were already intrinsic to the railroad industry.

Key pain points are -

  • Workforce Complexities: Different labor classes with unions, timekeeping & payroll issues
  • Aging Legacy Applications: Older technology with limited analytics and high maintenance cost
  • Asset-Heavy Model: Large capital investment on aging assets with complex accounting
  • Complex Operations: Complex scheduling, pricing & settlement activities
  • Compliance: Heavily regulated industry with mandates such as PTC, APTA, FRA, etc.

CloudMoyo Railroad Transportation Management - Features

Rail Operations Management

Rail Operations

Rail Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Rail WayBill Management

Way Bill Management

Rail Interline Settlement Services

Interline Settlement Services

Rail Planning and Scheduling

Planning, Scheduling & Service Design

Rail Resource Management

Resource – Car Mechanical & Locomotive

Rail Visibility and Compliance

Visibility and Compliance

Rail Demand Forecasts

Demand Forecasts, Interfaces – EDI, Railinc

What unique rail problem can we solve for you today?

CloudMoyo – The Digital Solutions Partner for the Railroad Industry

  • Modern Architecture with Cloud, AI, and Data
  • Executive Leadership Commitment to Railroads
  • Define a path to utilization of modern technologies
  • Facilitate easy real-time access to your data
  • Maximize limited IT budget to digital transformation
  • Portfolio of existing cloud-based SAAS products

Our Rail Transportation solution benefits

Rail Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Automates & streamlines manual processes delivering agility to improve operational efficiency, planning, order & revenue management

Scalability and Reliability

Scalability and Reliability

Uses rail industry standards and easily integrates into existing IT landscapes, systems and ERPs (such as SAP).

Futuristic Technology for Railroads


Leverages the scale of the Microsoft Azure cloud and harnesses analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to impart flexibility, scalability & innovation

Velocity and Agility

Velocity and Agility

Blends proprietary algorithm with highly intuitive visualizations to provide excellent visibility of entire rail operations

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