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Big Data and Advanced Analytics for Rail Transportation

CloudMoyo specializes in helping railroads to harness their data into a quantifiable and actionable business value by collaborating with our customers on a data discovery journey, leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Real-time as well as Predictive Analytics. Our analytical expertise ensures that businesses build the right capabilities for data mining to provide insights, which will enable to take better decisions and create a value.

CloudMoyo also has a great track record in delivering solutions for US Class 1 railroad operators, network owners and services provides.

How can Big Data Analytics help rail transportation?

Progressive railroads are capturing and integrating machine sensor and business data into their operations to gain critical business insights resulting in informed decisions. Certain aspects of the railway system are predictable--the crew, cars, schedule, etc. However, railroads are required to be more “data rich” organizations by tapping in to what used to be unconventional data from maintenance logs, sensors and GPS units. These new data sources can be stitched together to create new organizational and operational insights.

Below, we highlight some areas that can be significantly impacted by data analytics:

  • Assets Tracking & Management: Visibility solutions to meet regulatory requirements, extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce rail calls and increase planned maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance: Optimizing maintenance for rail assets is essential for delivering a safe, reliable, and profitable rail network
  • Yard Maintenance: Intelligent data solutions to provide visibility of all assets in the yard, including trains and railcars in the yard layout
  • Rail Car Analytics: Real-time analysis of driver & vehicle data collected by onboard sensors & fleet management software

Rail Analytics - Our offerings

CloudMoyo enables deep insights into core rail operations using modern data technologies like Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Data Lake Analytics, Machine learning and Power BI. Some core business insights that we deliver are-

Rail Car Hire

Car Hire

Includes reports on accounting, rate determination, interchange reporting, settlements, liability
Rail Car Interchange

Rail Car Interchange

AAR compliances, interchange rules, safety, settlement, HAZMAT specs, maintenance etc.
Rail Waybill Management

Waybill Management

Customer, equipment, location, road, shipment, user, vendor as well as compliance info to Rule 11 billing info
Velocity Management


Operations performance, Dwell, Net and Gross Velocity, average velocity, dwell time from train arrival till departure
Mechanical Car Shop

Mechanical Car Shop

Maintenance Parameters such as Car failures, bad order details, train yard repairs & AAR cost reporting, cost for materials & supplies
Rail Crew Analytics

Crew Analytics

Inventory, Crew Boards, Utilization ratios, Layoffs, Deadheads, Recrew reasons, Crew Tracking

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Why CloudMoyo for Rail Analytics?

  • Technology: Expertise to digitally transform rail transportation with reliability & scalability
  • Domain: Strong pool of rail experts, business analysts and functional consultants
  • Focus: Executive Leadership Commitment to Rail Industry with right investments
  • Experience: Portfolio of cloud-native, SAAS products & solutions for Rail industry
  • Partnerships: Experience with Class 1, Regional, Short line Railroads and partnerships with industry bodies like ASLRA, FRA, APTA, AAR

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