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PowerApps is a Microsoft platform that enables the easy development and sharing of business apps on any device. All functionality in the PowerApps is “no-code”, which means that it uses intuitive, visual tools that work without coding. A non-technical user can create, manage, and share a business app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, using Microsoft Azure, the platform-as-a-service offering, and set of built-in tools. PowerApps uses drag-and-drop functionality and gives users a similar experience as applications like PowerPoint give. It offers data integration capabilities, allowing you to integrate data from multiple sources into one app and build and use apps using the same data, all with the easy-to-use Data Integration platform.

We leverage our expertise in data integration, a solid understanding of data architecture, experience in building out enterprise-grade applications, and a deep industry partnership with Microsoft to deliver PowerApps tailored to your use cases.


We manage the end-to-end process from requirements gathering, user-interface design, migrating your legacy forms,  leveraging the common data services that maps to disparate data sources within your enterprise, providing rules for data validation, and automating workflows using the business process engine. In addition, we provide complete project management including user testing, power user training, and support services for data governance and analytics-based insights.

Highly tailored applications

To optimize for specific tasks and roles, PowerApps customizes every detail of your app, allowing you to develop apps for any mobile OS.

Use your data to create sophisticated apps

With a simply drag-and-drop option, a designer can customize business entities and tailor the user experience to specific roles.

PowerApps enables external access with PowerApps Portals

A user can have access to PowerApps Portals through LinkedIn, AzureAD, or a Microsoft Account. You can develop a no-code, pixel-perfect website for external users by unlocking the business data in Common Data Service and integrating them with model-driven forms, views, and charts.

Integrate and extend your apps

Use the built-in Common Data Service for Apps to store data, and model processes and business logic. Take advantage of more than 200 connectors to integrate data and systems you already use. Extend PowerApps further as a professional developer with custom connectors and logic.

Ready to develop high productivity apps for your business?


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of PowerApps services that includes

Executive Workshops

Proof of Concepts

A 4-step process that shows how Microsoft PowerApps works

  • Choose a pre-built template. Make sure it is compatible with the selected tablet or mobile layout.
  • Select the data and import it into the app by linking it to a data source (such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Salesforce).
  • Next, you can easily drag-and-drop data to create the desired application.
  • Click publish and share the app with entire business

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"Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fundamental part of our IT ecosystem. Cloud-based data solutions like Azure along with a technology partner like CloudMoyo are going to be crucial for data-intensive companies like ours"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company

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