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The manufacturing industry involves a variety of activities that transform raw materials into products or goods. In order to manufacture successfully, businesses must keep finding new and innovative methods of adaptive manufacturing while streamlining downstream supply chain operations. It’s estimated that the manufacturing industry will experience the fastest adoption of digital technologies across all industries.CloudMoyo enables manufacturing companies to streamline their operations through the power of focused, actionable, and data-driven insights. Through user-friendly, real-time dashboards and data analytics, companies in the manufacturing industry can improve operations through increased efficiency, utilizing their data to improve the production line. CloudMoyo intelligent cloud and AI services support an end-to-end value chain for the manufacturing industry and help companies in this industry provide an exceptional customer experience with automated and integrated processes.

Industries we work with

Discrete manufacturing

Process manufacturing

Equipment handling


Maintenance and repair


CloudMoyo intelligent data services for the manufacturing industry empower manufacturers to adapt to the digital manufacturing marketplace and leverage analytics, AI, and ML capabilities to make smart future predictions, optimize product mix, rationalize asset utilization, reduce cycle times, and improve quality while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Effective inventory handling

Improved capacity utilization

Optimized product mix

Predictive maintenance

Quality enhancements

Faster throughput cycle time

Quality control

Streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve the production line.



Better understanding of the supply chain


Deeper understanding of machine utilization and effectiveness


Increased equipment availability


Create self-sufficient, self-fixing systems


Better warehouse management


Create intelligent demand forecasts for products


Enhance product quality


Improve collaboration

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"Businesses need to know who to sell to, how to market, and where and how to best measure performance. The most efficient way to accomplish all of this is to have a single view of customers. We experienced this with CloudMoyo!"

- CIO at a Fortune 500 Company