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Improve your business decisions with the CloudMoyo Machine Learning
Jumpstart Program

Kickstart your machine learning (ML) initiatives with a rapid
4-week engagement program

With our 4-week direct engagement, CloudMoyo’s team of experts work with you to:

  • Understand your business imperatives and access relevant ML applications
  • Evaluate and prepare data sets required for ML algorithms
  • Demonstrate a use-case of your choice using your own data
  • Deliver comprehensive reports with recommendations for your top 4-5 use cases

What is your machine learning strategy?

  • Have you faced project delays?
  • What is your cost to your organization of delaying ML adoption?
  • Do you lack enough information or expertise to understand the               relevance of machine to your business?

Implementation of machine learning will be transformative for your business bottom line performance profitability. Gain a significant advantage by applying AI/ML technology and drive business process efficiency.

At CloudMoyo, we work with industry leaders to help them assess and jumpstart new technologies adoption with our advisory consulting services. With CloudMoyo ML Jumpstart Program, our data science and technology experts will work with your teams to understand your current landscape and provide you a full report of your organization’s opportunities.

CloudMoyo helps businesses by leveraging our domain expertise in AI and machine learning technologies to build models for analyzing existing and future data streams effectively.

With the ML JumpStart Program, our customers benefit from both normative and predictive analysis that helps drive transformative business results.

CloudMoyo Machine Learning JumpStart Program – Our methodology

PREDICTABLE, PACKAGED, AND HIGH-IMPACT engagement to jumpstart ML initiatives

CloudMoyo ML JumpStart Program is designed to help CIOs of medium-sized companies understand data relevancy and access their organizational readiness for machine learning technologies using their own potential use cases.

This workshop will enable organizations to assess their data readiness for the application of ML algorithms. As a business outcome, at the end of this 4-week engagement, our team of experts will give recommendations for ML use cases, given the availability of data sets.

Engagement lifecycle:

Advisory consulting

Understand your business and conduct an assessment through stakeholder meetings, interviews and questionnaires, and identification of pain-points

Data collection

Collect sample datasets, evaluate and data prep with CloudMoyo homegrown framework
(Data RIVET), and plan for
ML algorithms

Data model development

Build data models, train the model to identify patterns and anomalies, model improvement and enhancements, and measure relevant metrics using Data RAMP 

Deliver business-specific use cases

Recommendations for the data architecture required for enabling machine learning use cases

The market for Al/ML continues to grow at a rapid pace. Organizations using technologies like machine learning to drive innovation are experiencing yields in terms of revenue, profit, and overall leadership in their respective industries.

Machine learning turns complex situations into intelligent business outcomes by enabling enterprise applications to predict results more accurately. Machine learning has transformed businesses through inventions like predictive maintenance, quality control, and test automation.

We help businesses leverage our domain expertise in AI and machine learning technologies to utilize AI and ML in their organization and build models for analyzing existing and future data streams effectively. 

Our Capabilities

Prediction and prescription

Use AI and ML to make predictions about future trends and prescribe actions


Identify variables like places, logos, people, and objects in an image or a video


Suggest services based on items such as past purchases, demographics, or search history

Sentiment analysis

Identify and catalog a piece of text according to the tone conveyed by it

Computer vision

Detect objects on image, and classify images into topic groups or by presence of a feature

Cognitive services

Train apps with intelligent algorithms

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Mimic and integrate human actions in digital systems in order to optimize business processes

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Parse existing text data to identify patterns, risks, and new business opportunities

Internet of Things (IoT)

Identify patterns and anomalies in sensor data to avoid accidents and eliminate or reduce equipment downtime

CloudMoyo helps a
leading tax company to
respond to customers
better through
Sentimental analysis

Sentiment analysis use cases

Using a client’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram data, our solution enabled the client to gain insights around social media sentiments of customer about filling taxes.

In order to obtain the data, the client used paid platforms like Netbase and SpreadFast, which platforms provide channels and API to get data from social media platforms. The data was then transformed and finally pushed to SQL databases. Applying sentimental analysis, these API platforms provide models to rate the sentiments of tweets and posts as either positive, negative, or neutral. Hashtags such as #TaxFiling, #USATax, and #H&R Block were categorized in different groups such as general, DYI, and assisted.

Other offerings

  • Discovery workshops
  • Proof of concepts
  • Strategy and roadmap
  • AI readiness
  • AI and ML COEs (Center-of-Excellence)

Technology expertise

  • Azure ML Studio
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Bot Framework
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Event Hubs

Why CloudMoyo?

  • Microsoft Gold Partner – Cloud, Analytics, and AI
  • 8+ years of digital transformation excellence
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Certified analytics expertise
  • Cross industry domain experience with Fortune 500 clients
  • Executive commitment to customer success

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