Making Sense of the Modern Data Warehouse

Is your organization equipped to handle the rapidly increasing volume of data,
without increased latency in query responses?

In this current age of massive data, on-premise data warehouses have proven to be inadequate for handling the rapidly expanding data volumes that businesses are generating.

The modern cloud data warehouse offers unprecedented scale, flexibility and data visualization capabilities required to handle the exponential volume growth of the data.

Organizations don’t have to compromise on value based on how data is entering their system and worry about data integrity. Instead, it’s now possible to approach the data at face value and configure the data warehouse to fit the data, and, ultimately, produce useful insights.

In this whitepaper, we’ll dive into how most enterprise IT teams can rapidly adopt the modern data warehouse technology to address big data challenges – How to scale and easily handle large data sets? How to deliver performance by distributing workloads across nodes? How to facilitate near real time analytics without latencies associated with query complexity?  

We will review how an Azure SQL-based cloud data warehouse integrated with Cortana analytics platform provides a solution that can address your needs by not just handling the exponentially increasing data volume and data velocity, but also expanding data variety – from structured, semi-structured to unstructured.

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