Moving towards a more sustainable and digitally responsible future

Sustainability at CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo vision

Our sustainability vision

As a strategic technology partner, CloudMoyo helps our customers transform with resilience, moving towards a more sustainable socially responsible future. We empower customers across a variety of industries to reduce carbon emissions with Microsoft Azure cloud and AI services. We enlist employees to advance innovations and efficiencies that’ll contribute to sustainability efforts both internally and with customers.

CloudMoyo philosophy

Our philosophy

We believe that a sustainable future is driven by sustainable business and technology. This involves harnessing the power of technology products and services to reduce energy and carbon emissions from on-premises data center operations, moving applications to the cloud and enabling a remote workforce through cloud applications and process automation.

CloudMoyo values

Our values

Our approach to work, life, community, and the environment is grounded in our values of FORTE: Fairness, Openness, Respected, Teamwork, and Execution. Our approach to living out these values exists within a social responsibility framework we call the 4 rings of responsibility:

  • Take care of self
  • Take care of family
  • Take care of community
  • Take care of business

Our sustainability goals


Engage our people

We sponsor 50% of the monthly cost of public transit cards for U.S. employees

We provide carpool services for employees in our Pune, India office

Corporate and social responsibility

We recognize our responsibility towards advancing social responsibility through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. This is embedded within our social responsibility framework called the 4 rings of responsibility. We are passionate about giving back to our communities and working together to #breakthechain. Learn more about how we are responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic here.


Community responsibility

We provide 5 days of paid time off each year for employees to volunteer and support social equity initiatives within their communities.


Gender equity

We prioritize access equity across hiring and pay to narrow the gender wage gap and increase the number of women in the workforce and in leadership positions.


Community responsibility

Launched a COVID-19 assistance corporate social responsibility (CSR) group in 2021, a support group that helps those in need in our communities through volunteer work and allocation of resources.

Helping customers move towards sustainability with technology

Migrate to the cloud

Reduce energy and carbon emissions from on-premises data center operations through migration of applications to a cloud environment

Cloud app and process automation

Accelerate reduction of carbon emissions by enabling a remote workforce through cloud applications and process automation

Sustainability analytics and reporting

Enable seamless and user-friendly sustainability and compliance reporting to help customers monitor and report on their environmental and social impact

Energy data management

Create systems for energy data management and energy monitoring to improve processes

Sustainable product lifecycle

Take a circular approach to product development to reduce waste across the product lifecycle

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