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Technology solutions have removed barriers to entry in the banking and financial services industry. The banking sector is still dealing with their cost-to-income ratios while global investment flows into the more agile fintech companies delivering a more seamless user experience. The financial services industry is going through a metamorphosis, and some of the key imperatives for success and survival are in the use of next-generation technology for customer acquisition and retention.

CloudMoyo helps companies in the banking and financial services industry to leverage the power of data analytics to make better-informed, data-driven business decisions. This is accomplished through advanced analytics, as well as AI and ML algorithms that drive automation and innovation. With deep analytics services, the banking and financial services industry can optimize pricing and product offers, improve collections and recovery, optimize interest and transaction fees, optimize operational costs, and maximize profitability.

CloudMoyo provides intelligent data services and a digital platform that enables banks to better serve their customers. As a result, these companies can maximize customer acquisition, reduce customer turnover while improving customer satisfaction and retention, and enhance the lifetime value for the customer.

Industries we work with

Commercial banking

Investment management

Tax filing


Wealth management



CloudMoyo intelligent data services for the banking and financial services industry includes modern data architecture, including Azure Data Warehousing solutions and advanced analytics.

Insights into customer behavior, including future purchases

Personalized offers

Optimization of store and product placement

Marketing strategies

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Improve business process efficiency, create accurate forecasting, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty



Improved business process efficiency


Integrate solutions for planning, budgeting, and report creation


Easily track revenue, expense, and profitability


Create customized reports for stakeholders


Accurate forecasting and budget planning

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“For leading companies to move towards a self-service BI and AI applications environment, it is key that the foundational data engineering and architecture is robust, reliable, and scalable and access to data is intuitively delivered with precision and a solid user experience. CloudMoyo has been a great partner in Terracon’s journey towards self-service BI and data science.”

- Jason Kephart, CIO, Terracon

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