Azure SQL DataWarehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft's cloud-based data warehousing service, offers enterprises a compelling set of benefits including high performance for analytic queries, fast and easy scalability, and lower total costs of operation than traditional on-premises data warehouses. It uses MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) structural design. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is highly elastic in nature, compute independently with hyper-scalable structure. Enterprises leverage Azure SQL Data warehouse as it cost-effectively manages and processes big data in application.

We are helping businesses in integrating Azure SQL Data Warehouse effortlessly with various Azure articles such as Power BI, Machine Learning, HDInsight, and Data Factory in complex cloud solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud and Data Analytics, CloudMoyo’s solutions can help ensure agility, scalability, and operational confidence in your next Azure SQL data warehousing project. CloudMoyo’s agile data integration capability is proven to jumpstart your IT organization’s data warehouse development, helping you scale and monitor your project for a successful enterprise deployment.

How can CloudMoyo help you with modern cloud data warehouse:

  • Accelerate development and deployment of your data warehouse with business-IT collaboration and rapid prototyping.
  • Reduce risk with metadata-driven insight and proactive monitoring.
  • Minimize cost with integrated data quality and data validation testing.
  • Quickly load data from a cloud application or database to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Automatically keep your Azure SQL Data Warehouse up-to-date with fresh data from other sources
  • Configure data loading in a few simple steps visually
Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Data Integration from Various Sources

Speed development of cloud data warehousing, data lakes and real-time analytics

Our Data Integration Solution deliver the broadest support for source and destination systems in the industry. Supported on-premises source systems include all major relational databases, legacy data warehouse systems (if you're migrating an on-premises data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse), mainframes and Hadoop distributions. We also support replication from cloud source systems like Azure SQL Database -- or, in the Amazon Web Services cloud, AWS SQL Server replication into the AWS Redshift data warehouse platform.



ETL your Microsoft Azure data to your data warehouse

With our Microsoft Azure integration, you can execute analysis on your Microsoft Azure data as the integration process will Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) Microsoft data to your current data warehouse. This will reduce the pain of writing and maintaining ETL scripts. Our data warehouse experts configure the practice of ETL to make a perfect balance of data load and price on your Microsoft Azure instances.

Real-time Data Warehousing

Fast, accurate insights lead to better business decisions

We automate Azure SQL Data Warehouse data loading, and let your organization move more quickly to launch new data warehousing projects, and to make changes in response to business demands and opportunities – such as by adding new data sources. Our experts can keep the replicated data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse up-to-date automatically, with no need for any additional effort. For automatic execution, all you need to do is schedule replication and get an available fresh data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Maximum Value

Pay for what you need


Only pay for storage until you need to run a report on it.


Integration Capabilities


Fully compatible and integrated with the SQL Server ecosystem

Why Azure
SQL Data Warehouse?


Cloud Architecture


Store your data based on security, performance, and scale requirements


Web Apps


You choose the language when creating web apps: ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or Python.

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