Reporting & Visualization

Reporting & Visualization

Reporting & Visualization

Companies have an abundance of data but only a fraction of it is used.

To unlock business insights from this large data bank , two important trends are making data visualization crucial-

  • A great deal of data collection and analysis can be automated, creating greater availability of data.
  • The number of users requiring access to use and analyzing this data is growing as companies have become data-driven.

Given that the increase in the volume of data and the different genres of users accessing it, data needs to be presented in a way that is quick and simple in understanding. Whenever questions arise, it should have the ability to drill down the data or slice it, so that it is simple, real time and accessible to the non-specialists, and can be used for varied perspectives.

We are in an era of "Big Data", but when discovery, analysis, and visualization capabilities are salient, the traditional BI tools fall short.

CloudMoyo associates with organizations on Analytics strategy and implementations to help them generate tremendous value out of the information assets within the organization by various means:

  • Assess information/data maturity
  • Select tools/technologies
  • Deploy models and frameworks to assess business & detect patterns
  • Deploy platforms to mine and integrate external (online, social, market studies) and internal data
  • Develop use cases and visualizations to generate insights.



  • Data quality assessment
  • Information architecture
  • Data Management strategy and implementation ( Big data, if relevant)
  • BI tool evaluation and selection
  • Data exploration & visualization work bench set up
  • CXO Dashboards.

By using tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and QlikView, CloudMoyo helps to uncover the hidden insights in your data and presents them in stunning dashboards powered with KPI Alerts, which are managed by the most secure, centralized & state of the art BI solution.

Bring your data to life with beautiful dashboards.

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