Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Discover interesting insights by implementing
Big Data Analytics

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Analyze huge volumes of high-speed data at real-time to produce significant correlations and patterns using the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Discover maximum value from all of your unstructured, semi-structured and structured data using Azure Data Lake, Stream Analytics, HDInsight & ML Studio

Big Data Analytics Solutions on Azure

Our Big Data Analytics solutions help modern organizations to digest high-speed data at real-time giving predictive correlations and patterns.

  • Big Data on Cloud - Crunch massive amounts of Big Data on cloud with Azure HDInsight
  • Predictive Analytics - Add intelligence to your solutions with Azure Machine Learning
  • Real Time Analytics - Leverage Azure Stream Analytics for processing, real-time data streams
  • Cloud Data Storage - Symphonize data collection and transformation with Azure Data Factory

How CloudMoyo can help enterprises with Big Data and Advanced Analytics



Migrating present legacy data architectures to an advanced cloud-native infrastructure

Single Source of truth

Single Source of truth

Unifying siloed data sources into a single data source

Real Time

Real Time

Providing data analysis in real-time for fast decision making

Best practices

Best practices

Implementing security best practices and establishing governance on how users access data

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Big Data using Azure - our Offerings

leverage Azure for your Big Data
  • Assessment: Evaluate and plan for acquiring desired business goal and requirements for big data technology
  • Implementation: Design, implementation, integration, validation and development of full scale Big Data platform architecture.
  • DataOps: To operate and support configuration, adaptive maintenance and administration of Big Data platform.

CloudMoyo framework for Azure Big Data Analytics


Assess Know your data!

  • Enhance an understanding of business cases, vision and strategy for data and analytics
  • Explore new and innovative solutions to gain insights from data and improve data availability
  • Proof-of-value engagements, workshops and tools to jump start your analytics

Build See it getting built!

  • Design, develop and launch Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions to meet your objectives and bring value to your enterprise
  • Build a complete data solution with the proper blend of our expertise and cutting-edge tools

Expand Nurture and grow!

  • Boost the value of your investment in analytics solutions through long-term commitment, constant maintenance, support and improvement
  • Establish a strong enterprise BI culture by setting up a Cloud Analytics CoE (Center of Excellence) complemented by best practices and strong governance

Unleash the potential of Azure Big Data Platform

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