Analytics CoE

Analytics CoE

Cloud Analytics CoE

Cloud offers the ability to use advanced analytical tools, reporting, machine learning effectively to scale up quickly and analyze the next best action and then once the analysis is completed, it can be closed down. This approach will help in an ‘on-premise’ analytics system which actually takes time for building and putting together the operations and then, due to the capital outlay which needs to be re-used over and over again. This is what can be called as ‘Analytics-as-a-Service' (AaaS).

Our main approach is to get Data Access, identify and formulate the business problem with an in-house domain expertise. Every engagement is imperative to us for which we always like to work closely for developing a comprehensive, situation-specific understanding of trends and opportunities. The next stride is to do Data Exploration and preparation. After this, it's time to construct the Hypothesis, Hypothesis testing, and fine tuning it which is called iterative analytical life-cycle. This inimitable approach has helped many of our clients to formulate strategies in achieving excellence using data.

With the competitions increasing in business priorities and perspectives, it’s not enough to implement analytics or data management technologies and hope every facet of your organization will fall perfectly in line. A more holistic approach is required. A strategy is required for aligning the organization's resources and efforts around the strategic objectives. The BI CoE (is often called as Analytics CoE, Big Data CoE or Integration CoE) is an organizing mechanism to align People, Process, Technology, and Culture. Endowing a business analytics center of excellence is an effectual way for optimizing your capabilities, discovering new insights and progressing to the next business maturity level.

With a BI CoE, you can set preferences and regulate the information infrastructure, people, processes and business culture so that everyone is working on similar lines and achieving the same goal. You're better able to see results faster, with little efforts.

How does it work?

How does it work?

CloudMoyo Cloud Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) helps organizations of all kinds to address the challenges and changes in the emerging arena of big data technology. There are extensive tests performed by our experts who use proven methodologies to design efficient analytic solutions. Our client base uses the Data Analytics CoE for exploring technology options and discovers the best way to integrate big data analytics to improve operations, assess opportunities and plan the future.

Valuable Tools that We Provide Our Clients:

  • Dashboard and report audits, visualization designs, start-up kits and best practice guidelines;
  • Knowledge gained from lab testing, tool evaluation and customer experience and insights;
  • Training, certifications, community sessions and thought leadership white papers and point of view papers;
  • Sturdy partnership and alliance relationships.


  • Creating an integrated, enterprise-wide and sustainable BI environment;
  • Deliver analytics and analytic results to business communities;
  • Have a better decision process at the lowest cost;
  • An enduring, cross-functional team which-
    • Enables enterprise to coordinate / balance all BI projects
    • Ensures that the BI environment is optimally constructed, performing, and used throughout the enterprise.
  • Setup enterprise-wide definitions, calculations, business rules, etc.
  • Promote “self-service” reporting for business by-
    • Migrating reporting capabilities for business users
    • Promoting the role of IT in the availability of data.
  • Have change management, communications, and training, quality assurance;
  • Establishment of a governance framework as a whole.

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