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What is Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

Azure SQL Data Warehouse uses Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) to run complex queries. The result is improved performance for analytical queries, easy scalability and reduced operational costs when compared to a traditional on-premise data warehouse.

Implement a modern analytics platform with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

As experts in deploying Azure SQL Data Warehouse solutions, CloudMoyo’s services span the entire data management lifecycle - from setting up a platform to integrating disparate data sources, performing ETL and exposing clean data.

CloudMoyo is helping us to transform digitally with Azure services such as Power BI, Machine Learning, HDInsight & Data Warehousing                                                           - CIO, American Engineering Giant

How can CloudMoyo help you with Modern Cloud Data Warehousing ?

  • Accelerate development and deployment
  • Reduce risk with metadata-driven insights and proactive monitoring
  • Minimize costs with integrated data quality and validation testing
  • Use visual tools to quickly upload data
  • Automatically update your Azure Data Warehouse with data from other sources

Get Started With a Modern Data Platform

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services

Enables enterprise-grade data analytics in the cloud

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory

Manage data transformation by orchestrating Big Data

Power BI

Power BI

Enhance data analytics

Azure HD Insights

Azure HD Insights

Deploy Apache Hadoop Clusters in the cloud

Unleash the potential of Azure Data Platform

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Our Cloud Data Warehousing Services

Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services

  • Accelerate the development of solutions based on cloud data warehousing, data lakes and real-time analytics
  • Integrate data from disparate systems - whether it’s in cloud or on-premise
  • Support replication from cloud source systems into Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Extract Transform Load


  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) legacy data into a cloud data warehouse
  • Simplify writing and maintaining ETL scripts
Real-time Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

  • Real-time Data Warehousing
  • Automate data loading in Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Launch new data warehousing projects and add new data sources
  • Automatically keep replicated data up-to-date
Modern Data Platform

Modern Data Architecture

  • Lead customized workshops and assessments for Azure data management solutions
  • Explore and evaluate modern data services such as Azure Data Catalog, Event hubs, Data Lake and Data factory

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