Azure Analytics

CloudMoyo is a Microsoft Gold Partner helping modern data driven enterprises to realize innovation with the Azure Data Platform including Data Lakes, BI, Machine Learning, AI and Advanced Analytics. Our solutions help organizations to acquire, collect and restructure mountains of real-time as well as unstructured data for analytical modeling. Post this, data models and machine learning algorithms are applied for generating analysis, creating actionable reports as well as dashboards to boost business insights.

Self Service BI

Microsoft Power BI Consulting

CloudMoyo can help you to effectively integrate and validate data to uncover relevant insights in real time. Our team of Power BI Consultants can make your data talk with the help of appealing dashboards, interactive visuals and story-telling.

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Analytics Center of Excellence

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Solutions

Analyze huge volumes of high-speed data at real-time to produce significant correlations and patterns using the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Discover maximum value from all of your unstructured, semi-structured and structured data using Azure Data Lake, Stream Analytics, HDInsight & ML Studio.

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Enterprise Data Management

Azure Data Warehouse Consulting

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft's cloud-based data warehousing solution, offers enterprises a compelling set of benefits including higher performance for analytical queries, easy scalability and lower total costs of operation than traditional on-premise data warehouses. Azure SQL Data Warehouse leverages Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) to run complex queries with modern approaches.

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Azure Consulting Services

AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) service is part of Cortana Intelligence Suite that does predictive analytics and data interactions with natural language and speech through Cortana. Coupled with other pre-trained AI services like Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, this can be utilized to infuse intelligence into your applications and solutions.

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