Are your Business Intelligence (BI) systems surfacing the right KPIs?

Gartner indicates that 70-80% of the Business Intelligence initiatives fail. As businesses create more data (Big Data) than ever before, these numbers are astounding.

Based on our industry research, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies indicate that top reasons why they do not see return on investment from BI systems are mostly related to lack of access to right data or archaic data management systems using older technology without good user experience. As a result, BI systems fall short in meeting the requirements for a good KPI tracking system.

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CloudMoyo, the cloud, AI and analytics solutions leader in the AEC industry sector, is pleased to offer a two-hour BI assessment workshop with data science experts,

The Assessment Includes

  • Evaluation of your current data architecture and technology stack
  • Evaluation of your current business processes and associated KPIs
  • Mapping your KPIs to your data sources


  • Two hours of industry expert consultation time for assessment of business processes and identifying KPIs that will improve organizational effectiveness

  • Share how a modern BI system will provide the incisive insight into strengths and weaknesses of business function/processes which helps to improve operational efficiencies and profitability