Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)

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The world’s infrastructure is expected to grow by 50% in the next ten years and AEC companies are looking for solutions that leverage automation and innovation to deliver scalable and sustainable solutions for the industry. Better decision processes using next-generation advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, as well as robotic automation capabilities, are offering opportunities for AEC companies to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace.

CloudMoyo architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) solutions support a growing infrastructure by enabling AEC companies to improve product schedule performance with intelligent data services. Our solutions help in improving quality, reducing labor costs, increase bid win rates, and improve return on assets. CloudMoyo helps AEC companies embrace next-generation technologies by becoming an intelligent enterprise, allowing them to better estimate projects, improve their return on assets, and discover future market opportunities.

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Leverage big data analytics to improve efficiency across your AEC company, reduce costs, identify areas of opportunity in the market, and proactively plan for the future using CloudMoyo solutions for the AEC industry 

Optimize your project planning system

Project risks, constructability, and the structural stability of technical solutions

Optimize material usage and inventory management

Risk and safety management

Refine quality control and claims management



Improve project efficiency while reducing costs, and increase bid win rates


Proactively plan ahead of time for labor shortages


Ensure long-term sustainability of both equipment and processes


Manage complex bid and proposal processes


Unify disparate systems and sources of information


Improved analysis of past initiatives


Data-driven insight into future initiatives


Augmented construction planning, predictive modeling, and tracking

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“For leading companies to move towards a self-service BI and AI applications environment, it is key that the foundational data engineering and architecture is robust, reliable, and scalable and access to data is intuitively delivered with precision and a solid user experience. CloudMoyo has been a great partner in Terracon’s journey towards self-service BI and data science.”

- Jason Kephart, CIO, Terracon

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