Transportation Management is a critical aspect of supply chain management and execution that impacts overall business performance. Expanded supply chains coupled with fluctuating fuel prices have led to a substantial increase in transportation costs over the last few years. Moreover, the ability to differentiate in customer service depends to a large extent on the ability to deliver on transportation planning and execution. All this has made it imperative for businesses to adopt transportation technology that not only helps them plan and execute optimally, but also contributes positively towards the environment by adopting green logistics.

  • Crew Management

    CloudMoyo’s ‘Crew Management Solution’ is a next generation, cloud-native system that addresses all the challenges of organizing multifaceted transit operations.

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  • Fleet Solutions

    Managing a fleet is not only critical to optimizing transportation costs but also important to ensuring reduced fuel consumption

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  • Goods and People

    Movement of people and goods is one of our basic needs as human beings. Efficient logistics networks are key to securing economic

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