Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Transportation being the keystone of modern commerce makes fleet management a significant aspect of transportation efficiency. Supervising a fleet is not only critical in optimizing transportation costs but also crucial in ensuring reduced fuel consumption and emissions, as well as improved safety and regulatory compliance. Adopting the right set of technology tools will enable the fleet operator to improve the asset productivity and optimize costs while also contributing positively towards the social aspects of environment and safety. Fleet management consists of a range of functions like vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, tracking and diagnostics using on-board telematics, driver management, fuel management etc. It also allows companies whose business relies on transportation to minimize risks associated with vehicle investment, vehicle efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing greater regulatory compliance and many more. Fleet management software enables organizations to efficiently manage their fleet of vehicles. Typically, these tasks range from vehicle acquisition to disposal.

CloudMoyo’s Fleet Management solution includes:

  • Comprehensive maintenance management which will help the customers in improving vehicle uptime and productivity while reducing maintenance costs
  • Managing the entire fleet lifecycle right from its introduction to disposal
  • Assisting and managing the lifecycle costs as well as compliance all through the life of the vehicle
  • Comprehensive labor management functionality to help improve the quality of maintenance and throughput from workshop operations
  • Real-time performance management through monitoring and tracking to help improve operational performance
  • Highly developed functionality that will help to track and manage the part-life of vehicles
  • Advanced reporting on vehicle maintenance trends that will help to take effective management decisions
Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics

Fleet analytics is the real-time analysis of driver and vehicle data collected by an onboard computer and fleet management software. Fleets include a massive amount of trip data which is made available from their trucking management and maintenance systems. Additional information is available from any mobile communication systems with the use of GPS, speed and engine data. Data is also added from any on-board sensors such as cargo temperature monitors, tyre pressure monitors, safety devices, etc., and there is plenty more of that data.

In the past few years, the access to such kind of data has been improved significantly due to the onboard vehicle telematics to fleet-cost data granularity. Integration of all these data sources has led to a greater ability in managing fleet operations and costs. Fleet managers can gain knowledge about the new innovations in their operations by analyzing everything right from accidents to wait times.

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