Advances in sensor technology, cloud-based data management and analytics capabilities have helped provide control to patients/consumers and healthcare professionals in managing their health conditions. This advanced control allows appropriate, timely treatment intervention that extends lives. Nano technology, ingestible pills, wearables and integration of gaming into patient support programs are all currently being explored with the intent to improve patient outcomes.

Customer challenges

This is an emerging field and it is not clear to most life science firms:

  • How to tap innovation?
  • Who to partner with?
  • How to demonstrate real benefits?
  • How to handle the data and convert into timely and actionable insights while the patient wears the device?

Given it’s an upcoming field, the regulatory landscape is also evolving.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo brings in rich experience in:

  • deploying architecture patterns for streaming and analyzing real time data from sensors on the Cloud
  • deploying solutions that integrate real-time video feed, gaming technology and analytics on the Cloud

With these capabilities CloudMoyo can help its customers significantly improve the performance of their digital health initiatives and help improve patient outcomes.