Consumers today bring in expectations, behaviors and preferences from retail, tech, and e-commerce interactions to healthcare. They proactively search for information and consume from a wide variety of sources, with a clear preference of being engaged on social channels. Consumers are also willing to share more health and personal information for higher value services.

Given this, it is imperative for healthcare companies to provide consumer support and services to enable positive health outcomes. Most firms are making investments in developing apps, portals, and services for the end customers.

Customer challenges

As the industry adopts social and mobile channels alongside traditional channels to engage consumers, it faces multiple challenges, including:

  • Understanding the customer segments, their needs and preferences.
  • Multichannel engagement strategy with a seamless experience.
  • Data privacy and security.
  • Compliance to promotional practices.
  • Integrated insights for continuous improvement.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo can help develop a multi-channel customer engagement strategy and fast track development and deployment of portals and apps on the cloud with built in analytics and reporting capability. CloudMoyo’s prebuilt insights frameworks helps:

  • assess engagement
  • understand the segments – needs and motivations
  • generate actionable insights

CloudMoyo partners with customers to define and enhance engagement metrics and set new benchmarks to continuously improve engagement and experience.