Truly global operations are met with many new challenges. One of the highest among them is retaining control of key processes and maintaining a degree of standardization. Global processes need new guardians and implementers. Most global organizations have taken the route of global business services to achieve this. Key amongst them is the ability deliver systems and services to support the global workforce. Outsourcing support and services on a SLA driven, 24×7 model is a great way to achieve this.

Customer challenges

  • Scale and expertise to support a global workforce.
  • Service management and technology is not the core competence of most organizations.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo is a trusted partner with businesses worldwide for running outsourced operations as a service.

These include:

  • Business desk: Enabling focus of more critical business resources to strategic tasks, while ensuring 100% operational integrity and compliance.
  • Application support and enhancements: Level 1, 2 and 3 and managing tough product release schedules.
  • Network Operating Center: Managing and monitoring the live production environment on the cloud in a multi-tenant environment.
  • Test Automations: Testing as service: reducing errors and increasing the pace of deployments of product releases and fixes.