Corporations worldwide are actively adding several cloud based applications to their portfolio of solutions. Be it BI, analytics, CRM, e-commerce or learning, a number of SAAS based offerings are becoming popular in the enterprise application market. In most cases these are among the most used and popular applications in user community. The on-premise applications landscape is also becoming more and more expensive and cumbersome to manage. CIOs are under immense pressure to embrace the cloud and deliver digital capabilities to organizations in order to bring down costs and improve overall service levels. CloudMoyo offers a full complement of cloud strategy services to help your organization take full advantage of cloud computing while minimizing costs and reducing risk.

Customer challenges

The typical enterprise faces multitude of challenges such as:

  • Understanding how things work in the cloud, especially security, compliance and support
  • Choosing the right cloud offering
  • Managing hybrid landscape-legacy and cloud infrastructure together
  • Optimal methodology to migrate to the cloud

Solution overview

CloudMoyo helps you answer these questions and define how cloud computing best fits into your business and IT strategies. CloudMoyo’s Cloud Analytics Framework conducts an enterprise sensitive assessment of the maturity and readiness of the organization to move to the cloud and reap its benefits. In a 5 steps process over 8-12 weeks, CloudMoyo’s framework helps organizations onboard and adopt a cloud-based application landscape.

  • Assess – against a maturity model. Understand gaps & requirements.
  • Architect – build solution options that address enterprise requirements such as business scalability, information Integration, data security and organization compliance and skills.
  • Valuate – Put a dollar value to the options. Prioritize.
  • Build – Cloud adoption roadmap (application and services onboarding)
  • Deploy – Implement process, tools & services and controls.


Advantages of CloudMoyo’s Cloud Strategy & Roadmap offering include:

  • Establishment of a business case for investment in cloud technologies via thorough landscape assessment
  • Clear vision for the strategic use of cloud technologies, including data security, governing guidelines and constraints
  • Robust plan that translates strategy into action
  • Being a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud, we have access to market information and best practices
  • Effective support as well as knowledge transition to your teams