Cloud Migration Services

Our Migration services are specifically for moving application from existing infrastructure to the Cloud using IaaS / PaaS / SaaS based service model and thereafter enhancing application considering cloud services.

Migrating application over Cloud can be a cumbersome process but our services/solutions helps in a smooth transitioning of your company’s entire data, applications services and components from on-premises Data-Centers to the cloud, where your solutions and application can be provided on on-demand basis. So, our customers could leverage our cloud offerings which enables them to potentially reduce capital expenditures and operating costs while also benefiting from the dynamic scaling, high availability, multi-tenancy and effective resource allocation.

Cloud Migration Process involves following processes:

  • Migration Analysis: This phase includes study of existing application and infrastructure for checking from cloud readiness prospective.
  • Cloud Enablement: Under this phase, Cloud based architecture is designed and implemented. Also, modifications (Code and configuration) around application is performed to suite the Cloud computing need
  • Application and Data Migration: Enhanced application code and data is migrated into the desired Cloud environment.
  • Integration & Stabilization activities performed

cloud migration