Defining and managing key dimensions of the organization consistently across all units is key for complete business visibility. Data is a corporate asset and each of these parts of the organization need to have a structured approach to definition, storage and management:

  • Customers
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Competition
  • Risks
  • Supply chain

Customer challenges

  • Data ownership is not clearly established in the organization.
  • Application landscape doesn’t truly map to the business processes landscape.
  • System design best practices are generally not followed, leaving vast business logic coded in programs as against models.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo partners with organizations to define effective data architecture that enables accurate insight generation, helping to:

  • Deploy data standardization and governance models.
  • Define framework for services driven information flow.
  • Select tools/technologies to manage information and metadata.
  • Provide data modeling and ETL strategy for data warehouses and the newer avatars.