Enterprises are looking at analytics for opportunities to improve revenue and cost savings. Yet, many firms are struggling to develop a comprehensive, cohesive and sustainable analytics strategy to support their uses. A strong analytics strategy relates business goals and use-cases with how analytics will support employees and the business. Analytics is creating differentiation for modern day businesses by giving greater, more actionable insights on:

  • Customers
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Competition
  • Risks
  • Supply chain

Customer challenges

The key challenge is really to choose what to do and what not to do. There is immense pressure to do something on big data, something on advanced analytics and deliver real time, better visualized information etc.

The solutions landscape is brimming with advice and choices – tools, technologies, solutions and data.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo partners with organizations on analytics strategy and solutions to help them:

  • Develop a coherent portfolio of analytics and data initiatives.
  • Assess information maturity vis-a-vis standardization and quality.
  • Assess technology maturity. Help select tools/technologies.
  • Deliver a reference architecture and blue print for development of data and analytics platforms, and allied solutions and services.

CloudMoyo partners with customers to:

  • Deploy models and frameworks to measure business & detect patterns.
  • Deploy platforms to mine and integrate external (online, social, market studies) and internal data.
  • Develop use cases and visualizations to generate insights.
  • Generate tremendous value out of an organization’s information assets.