Differentiating insights that organizations need cannot come from analyzing internal data alone. A mix of structured and unstructured data means organizations need to have the right mix of big data technologies to manage that data.

Consumer experience requirements are driving the need to combine technologies such as gaming, analytics and the cloud. In order to further elevate customer experience, timely delivery and accurate insights leading are needed to create customized interventions.

Advanced analytics is the analysis of all kinds of data using sophisticated quantitative methods such as statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining, simulation and optimization. Insights produced by above techniques are unlikely to be discovered by traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) — such as query and reporting.

Customer challenges

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving. Skills required to deliver analytics to the end customer are many and complex – stats, open source, cloud and scripting, to name a few. Organizations struggle to develop and retain these skills in-house.

Solution overview

CloudMoyo partners with organizations to enable insights beyond what traditional BI can deliver. CloudMoyo helps organizations:

  • Develop models to truly reflect their business and optimize it.
  • Develop forecasts and predictions to enable their business strategy.
  • Understand and assess patterns that exist in their organization.
  • Democratize information through a variety of capabilities (data exploration, visualization, data & text mining, image & video analytics, extended search etc.) delivered to the common user.