Big Data Assessment_CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo has developed an express 1-day Big Data Readiness Assessment to help organizations in any industry establish a foundational knowledge of Big Data characteristics, techniques, and technologies.
Our 1 day assessments are highly interactive and provide the opportunity to understand Big Data from the perspective of our customer’s own business opportunities, data sources and architectural strategies.

What’s more is that you can test it out with a PoC in 4 Weeks

Proof of Concept on your data in just 4 weeks in your environment with your own data sources-

  • Create an end-to-end, working BI solution to present to stakeholders
  • See how simple creating a data model and KPI dashboard can be
  • Address specific technical and business needs using live data
  • Integrate data from various sources- ERP, CRM, Sensors, Data Warehouses etc.
  • Everyone promises rapid implementation – we’re willing to prove it.
  • Initiate your Test Drive and watch our experts build a complete BI PoC in 4 weeks with joint investment from CloudMoyo

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